Mission Statement

To help you our client simplify your business life so you can continue to whistle while you work.


By using the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid ;)) principle. We nurture an almost ZEN-like experience for you and your audience. We focus our simplification with the Pareto’s Principle and apply the 80/20 rule to your business, helping you identify and streamline the 20% that affects 80% of your results.

Structured Communication & Collaboration is vital to our success. We are always refining our AZENCE business workflow. We use tools to progress efficiency of each project and phase. Each project is assigned a project manager (aka our “Professional Nagger”) to manage timelines, milestones and most importantly to keep YOUR budget on track.


We believe that most of our clients, you, have your hands full running your own business enterprise. We’d like to focus on keeping things SIMPLE for you.

Our Subject Matter Experts (SME aka Service Providers) plan and execute the most efficient solutions and handle all the behind-the-scenes work and techno mumbo jumbo. We communicate simply so you don’t have to deal with techno babble 🙂

We bring in solution architects for most of our projects in the beginning so we can figure out the most efficient route to execute most projects. We believe in workflow efficiency and that results in time and monetary savings for you, our client.

Our vast network of service providers around the globe give you flexibility in terms of meeting budgetary constraints. We have solutions to fit almost every budget!

If you’ve ever worked with freelancers from oDesk, Guru, eLance or now Upwork, be assured this is NOT our business model.

Reliable teams across a vast global network to support and enhance your business needs.

AZENCE’s founder, Tricia – 

First bootstrapped the startup in 2011, while serving as Marketing Director in a previous work engagement. AZENCE was incorporated in early October 2011, same week as the passing of Steve Jobs, popularly known for his work with Apple, constantly pushing the envelop in beautifully designed products such as the iPod and iPad. As someone who was much inspired by Steve Job’s philosophy to keep things simple and zen-like, she decided to name the company AZENCE – the ZEN in AZENCE is paying homage to Steve Jobs for bringing ZEN into the workplace, a reminder to always keep things simple, succinct in the solutions AZENCE provides.


To SIMPLIFY the process of digital outsourcing by matchmaking project owners with skilled specialists, driving more projects to the AZENCE freelance team. Before starting AZENCE, Tricia’s freelancers confided that they struggled with finding continuous work at sites such as E-Lance, Guru and oDesk. Many of them were spending more than 20% of their time responding to quotes but only acquiring a few. Experienced specialists often found it difficult to compete for jobs that were awarded to quotations at a fraction of what it would take to do quality work. Tricia believed that there’s a better model out there than the likes of E-Lance and set out to create a platform that can drive continuous leads, improve efficiencies, so that web specialists can focus more on producing, rather than sales and marketing.


In today’s economy, with technologies diversifying at breakneck speeds, it seemed obvious the natural evolution would take the form of more outsourcing, especially for small businesses. It’s nearly impossible to hire and upkeep an internal team of marketing and IT with all the broad range of skill sets necessary to manage adequately. Since the world wide web provided a platform for an influx of readily available contract work, women making up 71% majority of the freelance community, why not put more of these capable freelancers to work? Tricia observed that some of the best quality work sometimes came from dedicated stay-at-home mums who are well-versed in designing or programming using the latest software and technology. She set out to build a community where AZENCE helps clients define business goals, implement quick, cost-effective solutions and continuously matchmake various aspects of each project! AZENCE aims to be creative, efficient and deliver delightful solutions to our clientele!