WordPress Web Hosting. Who’s the best?

As WordPress sites continue to gain momentum and its popularity increases to more than 20%, we see WordPress Sites Usage more and more now. The majority of the sites AZENCE builds for our small business clients are WordPress solutions. While there are many economical business advantages for going the WordPress route, it’s now more challenging than ever to find good WordPress Web Hosting solutions.

Our clients constantly challenge us to recommend them ‘The’ WordPress Hosting solution. Which web host will AZENCE recommend for WordPress?

Our stand is simple. If our client has a preferred hosting provider, we’ll do our best to work with that set up as long as there’s an easy to configure cPanel set up. If cPanel is not available, we may have to bring in a web or system admin to the project to help with the set up and configuration.

If our client does not have a preferred web host, then based on what we know of their requirements we may recommend either SiteGround or BlueHost. While there are probably a myriad of great hosting providers out there, we tend to prefer to stick with a couple of web hosting providers that we’re familiar with. We know their level of tech support, how well their servers perform and we know how reliable they are. Also, we make recommendations based on the hosting provider that will provide the most value-add, the best service for a comparable price to the likes of hosting providers such as GoDaddy.

A good portion of our clients come to us with sites already hosted at GoDaddy. Understandably, since GoDaddy has been around for a while, probably one of the longest, and has an extensive reseller program that’s probably more successful than any other web hosting provider that we’re aware of. GoDaddy also provides one of the most cost effective solutions out there (or so we’re constantly told by our clients).

However, since we get to work with the hosting provider directly every time an issue arises with the website, often due to downtimes beyond our control, AZENCE has definitely built up biases over the years. If asked for our opinion, we definitely would NOT recommend GoDaddy as a preferred hosting provider. We have our reasons for saying that and we’ll be happy to substantiate them, give us a call and we’ll tell you why.

However, this article is not about which hosting providers we DO NOT and WILL NOT recommend, it’s about which one is our preferred WordPress Web Host. Hosting providers that we deem as reliable, and provides phenomenal service for the cost of hosting WordPress sites. Hosting providers that not only do justice to WordPress sites, but ones that constantly ensure optimal page load speed performance, important for SEO reasons and work constantly to improve security so merchants can feel secure about their WooCommerce hosted e-commerce solutions.

Our recommendation for our preferred WordPress Web Host of choice is SiteGround. Not only do we feel SiteGround is superior than most other hosting providers in terms of Speed, Security and Support, features such as WordPress BoosterSuperCacher and CloudFlare CDN helps optimize site pageload performance, at least 2 to 3 times faster, if not more, than any other comparable set up.

SiteGround Infographic SuperCacher

WP Site Care recently did an apples to apples performance comparison between 7 of the top WordPress Web Hosts and consolidated their findings in terms of 1) Performance, 2) Knowledge, Speed, and Reliability of Support, and 3) Pricing and the overall product offering. This informative performance comparison article by Ryan Sullivan ranked SiteGround as the top WordPress Web Hosting Provider of choice!


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