Customer Relationship Management

Our realtor clients tell us that by investing just 2 hrs per day on their CRM, any realtor can close $12-14 million a year consistently, year over year. Work smarter and spend the rest of your day doing (you fill in the blanks). Our team at AZENCE can help you build a consistent sales pipeline and improve your workflow efficiency. 

Even though we’re a SharpSpring (now ConstantContact Lead Gen) Silver certified CRM integrator, we operate in a technology agnostic fashion. 

This means that we’ll help you sift through the myriad of CRM options and recommend the best ones for you to implement. Once you’ve picked a CRM of your choice, we’ll help you integrate the CRM to your workflow and start working on business process automation. 

Stage 3: Efficiency & Automation

If you already have a CRM that you love, or are exploring CRM options, you’re at Stage 3 of your business evolution. Give yourself a pat on the back because that shows that you actually care about your customers and prospects and you’d love to either provide a better communication experience or you’re looking to improve efficiency. 

It is at this stage that your business finally reaches a level of sophistication.

And we love to get our clients here! 

Main Reasons to use a CRM

  • obtain new customers & close more deals
  • maintain existing customers
  • retain customers & build customer loyalty

CRM Tidbits that’d interest you

  • 91% of companies with 10 or more employees use CRM

  • 18% of a salespeople’s time spent using CRM applications


Biz Quiz Stage 3

Struggling with maintaining communications for prospects, new & existing clients? 

Attract, win & grow with Lead Gen & CRM

Drive more leads

Convert them to sales

Optimize & Automate

Simplify your pipeline management

Say goodbye to manual processes with our drag and drop pipeline management. View and manage all your deals across their stages in real time, all from one place. Track team or individual progress, deals won or lost, and your forecast with just a few clicks and none of the headaches.

CRM Simplify Pipeline Management
CRM Visual Workflow Automation

The next level of marketing automation

Automatically score leads based on engagement across your site or other content, populate dynamic lists based on activity, attribute which campaigns are driving revenue for your business, and simplify sales engagement with automated workflows—all powered by the data captured in our CRM. Our visual workflow automation tool helps your marketing team easily design the best user experience with drag and drop features.


Landing Pages help your marketing team get up and running quickly on their marketing efforts. Quickly build lead capture sites without website building experience.


Forms allow you collect lead information and feed it directly into your CRM. Autofill and progressive profiling features allow you to continuously build your information about a lead.


Create trackable media that can be used in Emails, Visual Workflows, Notifications and Action Groups. Events will appear within the contact manager when leads view them.

Email Campaign Manager

Send smart emails with AI

Form Builder

Progressive lead profiling

Visual Workflow

Marketing Automation

Lead Scoring

Prioritizing high scoring leads helps optimize your time

Comprehensive Analytics

End-to-end ROI

Partner with a marketing automation provider that you can lean on.

We will find you a CRM solution that provides a powerful platform that can help take your business to the next level.

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