Key Takeaways: Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2023

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update 2023

It’s been 2 weeks since the August 22, 2023 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update!

We’re here to summarize key takeaways from what’s been happening in the SEO space this year. 2 Google Broad Core Algorithm updates in 2023? That’s certainly significant.

2023 has been a huge year of shake ups for businesses. Not just in terms of climate change impacting businesses, they got to pay attention to their SEO, their online reviews and manage negative press. Just in the SEO climate alone, Google has made 2 broad core algorithm updates that have reported shakeups or high volatility in certain areas (we suspect more in the black hat SEO sector but the jury is still out). However, not to worry, if you’re implementing more white hat SEO tactics and closely following what Google is looking for in terms of providing a quality content with real user experience anecdotes on your website(s), you just may be spared from volatility.

From our observations thus far, the updates this year tend to be focussed around what Google considers quality content, specifically E-E-A-T. Could it be that Google has come up with a better 2.0 algorithm to measure E-E-A-T? Will this new update include filters to filter out AI-generated content?

What is E-E-A-T and Why Does It Matter to Google?

  • Definition: E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.
  • Purpose: E-E-A-T is an essential aspect of Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines and is a key consideration in how content is ranked.
  • History: E-E-A-T was first introduced in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines in 2014. December 2022: Google introduces E-E-A-T, adding an extra “E” for “Experience”.
  • Key Components: E-E-A-T evaluates:
    1. The expertise of the content creator.
    2. The authoritativeness of the content creator, the content itself, and the website.
    3. The trustworthiness of the content creator, the content, and the website.
    4. The content is authentic.

Is E-E-A-T a Direct Ranking Factor?

  • While E-E-A-T is not directly a ranking factor, it indirectly impacts how content ranks. Google uses E-E-A-T to gauge the quality of content.

Why E-E-A-T Matters for SEO:

  • Google now offers insights into its view of high-quality content.
  • E-E-A-T specifies that content should be:
    1. Helpful to users.
    2. Created by an expert.
    3. Posted on an authoritative site.
    4. Trustworthy.
    5. Regularly updated.
    6. Truly experienced.
  • Google evaluators might rate pages that spread misinformation or harm lower in terms of E-E-A-T.


7 Ways EEAT Google Algorithm Broad Core Update
7 Ways EEAT Google Algorithm Broad Core Update

Seven Ways to Improve Your Website’s E-E-A-T:

  1. Identity & Transparency: Have an ‘About Us’ and ‘Team’ page detailing the content creators. Add author bios.
  2. Work With Experts: Instead of your content, collaborate with field experts to produce collective content.
  3. Create Undeniable First-hand Experience: Adding personal opinions, stories, photos and video anecdotes helps to prove that you truly lived the experience.
  4. Regular Updates: Ensure content remains current and relevant.
  5. Credible Sources: Back up claims with links to reputable sources and studies.
  6. Consider Various Perspectives: Present multiple angles on a topic to establish expertise and trust.
  7. Online Reputation: Monitor and manage your brand’s online reputation. Great reviews will do wonders.


Takeaway: While E-E-A-T isn’t a massive ranking shift, it’s a valuable guideline for SEO professionals to create content that Google is likely to rank favorably. It emphasizes quality, expertise, and trustworthiness in content creation.

What is considered a Google Core Algorithm Update?

According to Google, the definition of Google’s core algorithm updates is as follows:

  • Google’s Core Updates:
    • Google makes broad changes to its search algorithms several times a year, termed as ‘core updates’.
    • The purpose is to ensure search results remain helpful and reliable.
    • Google provides notice for these updates in their list of Google Search ranking updates.
  • Nature of Core Updates:
    • Core updates do not target specific pages or websites.
    • Pages not performing post-update have not necessarily violated Google’s policies.
    • The essence is to improve how Google’s system assesses content. This might lead to some previously under-rewarded pages to perform better.

1. Google Broad Core Update March 2023:

  • Release Date: March 15, 2023.
  • Duration: This update was acknowledged by Google to span across 13 days.
  • Impact: This update was a broad core algorithm change that affects all content types across all regions and languages.
  • Main Objective: The update was intended to improve how Google’s systems assess content. It means that pages that might have been previously under-rewarded might now rank better.
  • Key Recommendations: Webmasters and site owners should prioritize creating high-quality content that offers value, enhances the user experience, and exhibits strong E-E-A-T signals (experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness).

2. Google Broad Core Update August 2023:

  • Release Date: August 22, 2023.
  • Duration: The rollout of this update takes about two weeks to complete.
  • Impact: Like the March update, this also aimed to refine how Google assesses content. Some pages might see better rankings, while others could potentially drop.
  • Key Recommendations: Site owners should review Google’s general guidance on broad core updates if they notice a significant change in their website’s performance after this update.

Bonus: Other Notable Google Updates in 2023

April 2023 Review Update:

  • Focus: This update pertained to reviews about products, services, and other related topics. It aimed to improve user experience and rankings by making relevant review information more accessible.
  • Recommendations: Content should demonstrate expertise, provide evidence, discuss pros and cons, and help users in decision-making. It’s advised to evaluate from the user’s perspective, compare similar options, and link to relevant resources for comprehensive reviews.

February 2023 Product Reviews Update:

  • Focus: The emphasis was on product reviews. The update encouraged the creation of high-quality content with beneficial information.
  • Recommendations: Ecommerce websites are recommended to optimize with appropriate product structured data and schema markup.


Note: It’s still a little early to report on the August 22, 2023 Google Broad Core Algorithm update observations. Check back on this page if you’d like an update in a few weeks once we’ve been able to gather more information from big data tracking sources to give a more cohesive tally on this. If you’re an SEO practitioner or a website manager, we advise you to keep an eye on the changing landscape of Google’s algorithms, and regularly review and update your website(s) to ensure you adhere to Google’s guidelines and best practices for best results. If you’d like a summary of what makes up key factors in today’s Google Algorithm (this is based on our 20+ years experience for what it’s worth), check out our post on 13 Key Factors of the Google Algorithm that matter.  


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