SEO market analytics is an interesting and useful activity that helps to predict the direction of development of SEO services. It’s no wonder that successful companies spend huge amounts of money on creating assessment and analysis departments.

Based on today’s realities that create a certain base for building a more accurate forecast of development of the SEO market in the coming year, we can distinguish two directions of SEO promotion:

  1. Common:
    a. Careful buying of links for site promotion.
    b. Promotion of more sophisticated and informative websites, to which has long been seeking search engines.
    c. The development of Internet platforms that offer rapid and cheap promotion.
    d. Other standard methods of promotion, including unique content, directories, etc. 80% of companies will use these SEO methods. But what will the rest do? Yes, try something new and promising!
  2. Non-standard:
    a. First of all, 2017 will bring us the increased importance of adaptive websites for mobile devices. Believe me, today’s webmasters who care about the adaptability of their sites will get a significant increase in visitors tomorrow as the mobile Internet is developing very fast.
    b. I expect the boom of companies that can quickly provide conversion in the short term and for a minimal fee.
    c. Complex SEO methods will also be in demand, allowing you to use all the available tools today.
    d. Finally, social networks will get even more conversion power.

The next year promises to be hot, as while the requirements of webmasters on the effectiveness of website promotion grow, SEO companies do not manage to update and adapt the tools up to the constantly changing rules of search engines.

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However, below I will describe 4 points that you should focus on if you lead a blog or provide services of optimization and promotion.

  1. Semantic core. I bet you already know about the importance of properly composed semantic core. But you may not be aware of the fact that is should be as wide as possible, as only this way can you expect great promo results. If you focus on a few topics, you’re risking to leave the website on the sidelines. Scaling will become even more important.
  2.   H1, H2, and description. Needless to say that you should insert at least one keyword that will obviously increase your page rank.
  3.  Loading speed and functionality. The importance of this parameter will grow. Therefore, be sure to monitor website performance and other issues related to the functionality.
  4.  Well, the last one is that you should make sure that the internal optimization, content, functionality and software base of the website meet modern standards. If the site is average in terms of performance, not too interesting and sometimes unavailable, then you will just waste time and money.

In my opinion, those SEO companies will succeed if they are able to quickly adapt to new standards and conditions. Based on this, I will try to outline the conditions that must be met by SEO companies to sell their services successfully.

In other words, let’s consider the criteria for successful SEO business for the coming year.

  • First of all, I believe companies should abandon the guarantees. Many companies allow themselves to guarantee a certain ranking result, but then can’t keep their promises. Simply put, no one can guarantee the top position in Google, given the changes in search algorithms. Therefore, I recommend you to abandon promises and instead set upcoming tasks and expected results, explaining the inconstancy of search engines.
  • The second condition of a successful SEO business are loyalty programs for regular customers. Today’s customers are looking for more affordable deals, so companies that offer loyalty based services will be in favor.
  • And the last advice that I want to share is the necessity of using the innovative SEO methods. That’s especially important because search engines, for obvious reasons, don’t like SEO companies and services. They like “Whitehat” promotion. Google tries to deal with “Blackhat” methods by constantly improving search algorithms. I expect that common promotion techniques won’t longer give the same benefits as two or three years ago.

SEO for Google
Due to the last reason, I believe the search engine marketing (social networks, YouTube, and mobile apps) will be on the crest of a wave. And those companies that can offer an innovative approach to the effective promotion of the online resource using integrated search marketing will get more clients and regular orders for several years until the search engines fundamentally change.

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