Social Media Marketing

+ Content Creation & Brand Building

Engage & Grow your Community. Convert your Audience into your Fan Base.

Would you like to grow your LinkedIn contacts to more than 500? Need more than 1000 Facebook followers? What are the 5 things you could be doing right now if you could easily delegate content creation and trust that unique content is created & syndicated on a monthly basis?


For New Social Media
$ 150 Per Channel
  • Social Media Profile Verification
  • Social Media Account Cleanup
  • Branding Name Consistency
  • Includes Image Set Up for Profiles & Accounts


Build Brand Awareness & Social Media Community
$ 449 Per Month
  • 1-3 social networks
  • 8 hours
  • 15 Social Posts
  • 15 Custom Images
  • 3 Evergreen Content
  • Unlimited Revisions


Build Engagement & Drive Results via Social
$ 649 Per Month
  • 3-4 social networks
  • 20 hours
  • 25 Social Posts
  • 25 Custom Images
  • 6 Evergreen Content
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Regular Sprint Meeting Check-ins
  • Reputation Management
  • Events Creation (if needed)

Happiness guarantee!

Try any of our social media plans for 30 days with the AZENCE happiness guarantee. Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

All social media plans (PowerUp, TuneUp and BoostUp) are charged monthly for a minimum period of 3 months to achieve maximum results. StartUp is cost per additional channel or platform. If you’re not satisfied for any reason during the first month. Just simply cancel before 30 days is up if we can’t make it right.

Social Platforms Managed

Grow your brand, your audience and engage your community!

Our Social Media Plans include managing the following most common social media platforms through a scheduler such as Hootsuite: *Facebook, *Instagram, *LinkedIn, & *Twitter. If you’d like to add an additional brand or the following platforms, please choose the StartUp plan. If you’re interested in YouTube Video Marketing, please check out CrankUp and FireUp plans.

StartUp $150 Per Channel

For New Social Media Accounts (One Time Setup Fee per Platform)

Add-On Social Platforms

Need us to manage social platforms such as Google My Business, TikTok &/or YouTube? We can certainly do that. Add it here!

Video Profile Set Up

Video content assets required from client if you'd like a video profile set up instead of an image set up. Video profiles are great for Facebook!

Add Additional Brand Entities

Have more than 1 brand you'll like us to manage? No worries, add it here!

TuneUp $449 Per Month

Build Brand Awareness & Community on Social

BoostUp $649 Per Month

Build Engagement & Drive Results via Social

Initial Strategy Session

Competitor Research

Reputation Management
Our social manager will manage and stir engagement by liking and commenting on your behalf. We encourage you to chime in to get the best results too!

Community Expansion
We’ll expand your community by finding related groups and partaking in more outreach conversations.

Community Outreach
We typically encourage our client’s sales team to do this but we can certainly help get the ball rolling by sparking conversations within your new groups that not only adds value, but builds upon your reputation and establishes credibility.

Hashtag Optimization
Hashtag optimization is the new SEO. Knowing the right hashtag to use will definitely improve your discoverability with Google search as well as amongst the various social platforms.

Collaborate with Social Manager via Project Management Tool(s) + Web Conference

Monthly Report

We Love Our Customers
And they love us, too


Tricia understands how to move a company's marketing web presence into something that will be both user-friendly and will optimize search engine results. She is focused on how to put the company's best foot forward at the same time as collaborating with all necessary stakeholders to ensure that all inputs are considered. She lead a major shift in our website which increased the kind of quality leads we wanted.

I hired Tricia to build our website on a tight time frame. She totally nailed it within scope and budget by working around the clock. Tricia also had her own high standards that she delivered extra services and values to the website at no extra charge. For a person like Tricia, I would totally love to work with her again and would trust her for the next couple projects.

We worked closely with Tricia and the Azence team to assess the UX experience of our website, our business processes and ultimately implemented solutions that truly improved the functionality of our site. Our clients and site visitors now have a UX experience that speaks to their businesses interests and we are better equipped to tailor our site to the diverse active outdoor b2b consumer that we engage with.

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." - Paul J. Meyer