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Tell us all about your video: the purpose, audience, story, look & style and any ideas you have. Include whatever you think will help your filmmaker understand your vision, goals or the problem you’re solving. The more details, the better!

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YoutubeVimeoFacebookInstagramSelf HostOther

Briefly describe your target audience and the primary goal of this video project.

If you can narrow down to specifics such as industry, age group, what drives them etc. that'd be great!

What do you want viewers to do after seeing your video?

If you’re running a promotion or campaign, include a call to action or message to communicate.





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Instructions for the Video Team (for editing purposes)

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Do you need any of the following add-on services for your video?

Copywriter to write a scriptVoice Over ServicesWhiteboard Doodle AnimationCartoon AnimationKinetic Typography (moving text)

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