We’re taking a break from our

Freaky Fun Fridays with Tech

We will be back soon!

We’re taking a short break from our weekly FFF session

While we enjoyed winding down our Fridays with you, we are taking a short break from our weekly Freaky Fun Fridays with Technology sessions to focus on business.

Despite our hiatus, we are still on the lookout for fun and useful topics for growing your business during these difficult times. We are very thankful for your support and we look forward to hanging out with you on Fridays again.

Check out our blog for cleaned-up versions of our webinar topics and recordings, video highlight reels.


Stay healthy & safe!


Your Fireside Chat Hosts

Tricia Ang
Project Matchmaker

I’ve helped build a plane, flown around in it and was in it when it crashed. I live to tell the story. I started building websites, experimenting in seo and digital marketing back in 1999, oh my gosh, it’s been more than 20 years! A brand I built from scratch was generating $2M in sales when I exited the account and is still around to this day.

Justin Davis
Managing Director
Soaring Technologies

I once built a medieval siege weapon called a trebuchet so I could hurl spoiled cantaloupe across a soccer field. It was cool. I also have kept websites fast and online during massive traffic spikes, such as during Black Friday, and once when a client was featured on Undercover Boss. Less cool than watching rotten melon fly though.

Torry Henderson
Principal Consultant
BekWaam IT Solutions

My biggest claim to fame is my sexy bald head… err wait, I mean taking a flat network full of physical servers and re-architecting it into a multi-subnet topology that also resulted in converting 95% of all servers into virtual servers, as well as migrating over 70% of these server workloads to a centralized data center in another state from corporate HQ.

Ashley Nicholson
Growth Manager

My nickname started in college as both fun and function: “Smashley smashes,” as the saying goes. I bring that attitude to everything I do, whether it’s a smashing success or a snafu. I’ve been building and tinkering with websites and creating content from the early 2000’s. I love the challenge of finding the right pieces to make a story come together, and that’s Marketing, in a nutshell!