Design Preview Facilitates Online Collaboration

The newly announced mint version of WordPress 4.9 is out. Codenamed “Tipton” after Billy Tipton, an American jazz musician, the new features not only support online collaboration and workflow for content editors, it also packs a punch for WordPress designers and developers with it’s new publishing scheduler feature (awesome!).

Below is our summary of the most significant updates.

We are certain WordPress content editors, our clients both will love the following enhancements:

  • Design Collaboration Preview – This is probably the most significant enhancement for this update. A preview link allows you to send your draft to content stakeholders, allowing you to collect feedback and reviews before publishing the final version. This makes online collaboration so much more efficient and seamless.
  • Version Lock – Content editors can now lock their draft version so that your best work can now be secured without being overridden
  • Version Save Prompting – If you are like most and often have your attention diverted away, when you return to your desktop WordPress blog or page, WordPress 4.9 will ask you if you’ll like to save your unsaved changes. How apt!
  • Easily add media to your text widget with a click of a button
  • New gallery widget allows you to easily add that to sidebars

For WordPress developers, the design draft scheduler is a nice enhancement, so is syntax highlighting and error checking, great for troubleshooting our CSS add-ons. Since this blog is typically written for our clients, we’re not going to elaborate too much on the developer enhancements.

Issues Encountered with the 4.9 Update

Since it’s release (we’re writing this on the 2nd day of the WordPress 4.9 official release announcement), the only incompatibility we’ve noticed is an issue with the quantity field in WooCommerce per the diagram below. We’ve noticed that discrepancy on our site as well as on some of our clients. We’re in the process of getting this addressed so check back as we’ll be updating more compatibilities issues we’ve noticed since the update.

If you notice this discrepancy on your e-commerce section, this is something you will likely have to get your WordPress developer or designer look into and fix.

WooCommerce Issue with WordPress 4.9

WooCommerce Issue with WordPress 4.9

The issue shown has been fixed! Check out our AZENCE Support Packages to see the discrepancy fixed.

For a detailed collection of the most recent update, please visit WordPress Update 4.9.