6 Best Practices on Building a Winning App Like PokéMon GO


It’s an APP world!

Do you have many ideas to start the next big app but not sure where to start? Have you wondered what are the best practices you could follow to build a winning app?

You may be wondering, what goes into the recipe to cook up an app such as Pokémon Go that took the world by storm? What were the ingredients that fueled its success? Do you need to raise $30 million from Google, Nintendo and Pokémon in order to create a successful app that is known to generate upwards of $2 million in daily revenues? While we know that John Hanke, Pokémon Go’s creator, took a big bet and it more than paid off, we’d like to know what are the ingredients that made this app such an instant success.

What causes people to wander around aimlessly glued to their mobile phones and then frantically start swiping their screens?

Here’s the winning recipe: Cooking Time: 20 years Serving: Unlimited Calories: 0 Ingredients:
  1. Play for Free – this App is free to download (yay!)
  2. Substantial cult following – aka Pokémon fans.
  3. Sense of community – Playing Pokémon Go builds camaraderie when you exchange tips on how to catch a Pokémon disguised as Pigey and turned out to be Ditto.
  4. Knock your socks off User Experience – Captivating graphics, adorable animated characters and an augmented reality (AR) experience like you’ve never experienced before are key ingredients.
  5. Viral Marketing – Nothing like seeing random people wandering around eyes glued to their phones for it to spark curiosity, pique your interest and promote word-of-mouth. Besides, it’s now something you can do indoors and outdoors, especially with your friends. Some Pokémon Go players even go so far as to ask for directions from strangers!
  6. Provide maximum entertainment and interactivity – This is always a win-win formula.
Check out the following Infographic on the basics of how to build a phenomenal app that would likely guarantee success. If you like it, share it by copying and pasting the code below.


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