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Over 1 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every single day. (Source: YouTube) (And for the record, they’re not all cat videos). Videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience. We’re not talking infomercials here, we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online. Our CrankUp plan is here to help lay a solid foundation so your brand & channel can be found on the second largest search engine, YouTube.

Spending too much time creating video content?
Wouldn’t it be nice to upload a new video and automatically get maximum viewership on YouTube during the first 24 hrs of uploading new content? This will allow YouTube to prioritize your videos ahead of your competition.
Our FireUp plan is here to help supercharge your YouTube videos!


For Accounts less than 1K subs
$ 150 Per Channel
  • YouTube Channel Audit
  • Optimization Strategy Report
  • Channel Optimization & SEO
  • Includes Image Set Up for YouTube Profile
  • Channel Video Creation &/or Optimization (+$500)


Increase Search-ability on YouTube
$ 649 Per Month
  • 10 hrs Channel Op. per Month
  • 10 hrs Video Op. per Month
  • 5 Thumbnails Op. per Month
  • 1 Video Op. per Month
  • 3 Evergreen Content
  • 1 Evergreen Video
  • Hashtag Op.


Ensure Max Views to New Videos
$ 949 Per Month
  • 15 hrs Channel Op. per Month
  • 10 hrs Social Media Outreach per Month
  • 5 Social Posts per Video Launch
  • 2-3 Email Campaigns per Video Launch
  • Video Event Announcement (if applicable)
  • Weekly Sprint Meetings with Social Media Team
  • Ads Creation (if needed)

Happiness guarantee!

Try any of our YouTube plans for 30 days with the AZENCE happiness guarantee. Your happiness is our goal. If you’re not happy, we’ll work to make it right.

All YouTube plans (CrankUp and FireUp) are charged monthly for a minimum period of 1 year to achieve maximum results. We’ve seen best results happen within 1.5 years to 2 years. GrowUp is cost per YouTube channel/account. If you’re not satisfied for any reason during the first month, just simply cancel before 30 days is up if we can’t make it right.


$150 per account, per channel, One time fee

Want to start your very own YouTube channel? Don’t know where to begin? Get a running start with our GrowUp package. We’ll get your channel up and running in no time.

YouTube Channel Audit

Before optimization, we must first benchmark. This one time fee includes a thorough YouTube channel audit in which we'll furnish an Optimization Strategy report to help guide our CrankUp and/or FireUp efforts.

Channel Optimization

YouTube Profile Verification, Account and Channel Set Up and Cleanup. Sounds like a lot and it is. We want you to focus on your creativity and not be hassled by the small details. We’ll create the channel for you and all you have to do is create amazing videos.

Branding Consistency

One key to being successful in YouTube or any line of business is consistency. Build your brand and be consistent. Work with our team and come up with a brand that fits your personality.

Handle Naming

What do you name your channel? Who do you want to be known as? Getting the name right the first time is crucial. Work with our creative team to come up with a name that will match your brand persona.

Profile Image

Those profile images and icons may not seem much but they can mean the difference between getting a sub or completely getting ignored. Let our team design your YouTube profile image that's on point with your brand.

Channel Video

Did you know that a well-optimized, under a minute, channel video can make a huge difference in getting you the subs you covet? We'll either create a new channel video or help you optimize your current one. Note: channel video costs not included in GrowUp.


$649 per month

Increase your YouTube channel’s searchability and share your videos with the world. Upload your video and get views, likes, comments, and subs. Our CrankUp package will help you get found.

Video Descriptions

Maximize YouTube’s features by using video descriptions. Work with our team to come up with awesome and engaging descriptions for each video and how to use them to spread brand awareness.

Custom Thumbnails

Entice people to watch your videos with eye-catching custom thumbnails. Cropping scenes from your videos no longer cut it. Custom thumbnails are a must have.

Evergreen Video Content

We provide you with 1 evergreen video content that will be relevant for years to come. Brainstorm with our team to come up with unique content that will become your channel staples.

Animated Videos

Spice things up with animated videos. There are some ideas that can only be fully expressed in animation form. Talk with our team and bring that idea to life in animated form. Note: additional videos will incur extra costs.

Hashtag Optimization

Knowing the right hashtag to use for the video will definitely improve your video's discoverability within YouTube!

Video Optimization

Having the consistency of your brand intro, YouTube subscribe reminders, the right call to actions, as well as aptly placed end screens can be the differentiating factor in hitting maximum subs.


$949 per month

Ever wondered why some YouTube channels launch new videos and within days, get thousands of viewers? FireUp package has everything you need to get maximum views and subs to your channel. Publish new videos and let our social media team help you get the word out timely, we’ll manage your social media as well as email campaigns and more!

Content & Playlist Creation

Different people have different tastes. Vary up your content while still sticking with your brand identity. Create videos for specific playlists. Team up with our creatives to come with content and playlists that will appeal to the different tastes of your core audience.

Promoting Videos

Keep your audience glued to your channel by promoting your other videos through the creative use of end screens. Having those custom thumbnails and end screens can mean the difference between getting that one more view or not.

Social Media Outreach

Our HootSuite certified social media team will keep the communication lines open so that timely social media posts go out to encourage maximum video views.

Email Campaigns

We'd schedule timely 2-3 email campaigns that will be sent out to your mailing lists before each video is launched.

Event Announcements

If you have a strong following on either Facebook or LinkedIn, we'll create and manage the event drumming up viewership for your new video launch.

Ad Management

A small ad budget can go a long way in reaching new viewers. Our ad manager will create timely ad campaigns that will sync up with your video launch. (Recommended for Facebook, Instagram &/or LinkedIn)

We Love Our Customers
And they love us, too


Tricia understands how to move a company's marketing web presence into something that will be both user-friendly and will optimize search engine results. She is focused on how to put the company's best foot forward at the same time as collaborating with all necessary stakeholders to ensure that all inputs are considered. She lead a major shift in our website which increased the kind of quality leads we wanted.

I hired Tricia to build our website on a tight time frame. She totally nailed it within scope and budget by working around the clock. Tricia also had her own high standards that she delivered extra services and values to the website at no extra charge. For a person like Tricia, I would totally love to work with her again and would trust her for the next couple projects.

We worked closely with Tricia and the Azence team to assess the UX experience of our website, our business processes and ultimately implemented solutions that truly improved the functionality of our site. Our clients and site visitors now have a UX experience that speaks to their businesses interests and we are better equipped to tailor our site to the diverse active outdoor b2b consumer that we engage with.

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