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Tricia Ang

Personal Mission:

To live boldly, laugh hysterically and love deeply. To lead a healthy, wealthy, and wise lifestyle by being curious and serving others.

Hi, I’m Tricia.. we help you build and expand your digital empire. At AZENCE, we focus on helping clients OBTAIN, MAINTAIN & RETAIN more clients by following a simple 3 step process. 1. Building a site that works by generating leads and sales. 2. Determining the digital marketing strategies that work best to drive a continuous sales pipeline. And 3. Improving workflow efficiency with a CRM. We make you look good! We’ll also help you build KNOW, LOVE & TRUST with your audience. Simplifying your business life with ~ Web : Video : & Social ~ so you can whistle while you work!

I’ve been in digital marketing since the early 2000s and now I’m even building digital empires for my clients’ children. Did I mention that I’m a former Marketing Director who cut my teeth in SEO dating back to the early 2000s? I absolutely love the challenge because every project is different. Let’s figure out how to work smarter so you can live more, work less.


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

– Ryunosuke Satoro

Tricia A.
CXO (Chief Experience Officer)

Tricia’s primary focus is the Client User Experience. Our work has to delight. Believe it or not, but simple UX takes work and constant refinement. When she’s not architecting solutions, she travels between Singapore & the USA!

Gracielle M.
Social Manager

Gracielle’s love of writing made her the obvious choice for content management and creation. She runs Hootsuite like a champ and is schooled in the main social media platforms our clients use. She’s also Google Adwords certified.

Lea D
Lea D.
Project Manager

Having spent 12 years in customer service and technical support, Lea enjoys supporting clients. She not only is the glue to our projects going smoothly, she also helps with SEO and bookkeeping. Jack of all trades!

Bill M.

With 25 years of experience in television news, Bill has enjoyed sharing an endless variety of stories through words, pictures and sound. As a career photojournalist, his photography and documentaries has earned him 19 EMMY® awards. Check out one of our fav videos he did.

Ian G.

A UI UX design specialist, Ian is our in-house WordPress Project Lead. He oversees our WordPress & creative teams as well as custom projects, making sure UX is never compromised. He’s UX-certified by Google! When not working, he’s chilling in the mountains. 

Troy L.
Web Designer

Troy loves the ocean so much, he even named his son Alon (waves of the ocean). When he’s working, he builds beautiful UX-driven websites in WordPress. He’s also our CRM manager and has an eye for efficiency and workflow automation. 

Don L.
Video Manager

One of the newest additions to team AZENCE, Don’s manages all aspects of our video production. From creatives and branding, podcasts, webinars, virtual events and ads, he’s incredibly versatile. 

Azence team
Rona D.

How Can We Help

At AZENCE we help clients obtain, maintain and retain more clients by first building you a rockstar website that generates leads (stage 1), then progress to digital marketing strategies (stage 2), and finally to process automation (stage 3). This ensures that a good digital foundation is built, and progress comes organically through digital growth.

AZENCE started as a Colorado web design company based in Denver, but we have since expanded our services to Video MarketingSocial MediaYouTube Video MarketingSEO, and even Virtual Events. Even though we’re based in Colorado, we do serve an international clientele including clients from Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East. We’re now working to move our headquarters to Singapore.

With more than 23 years of experience in digital marketing, we employ best practices to drive optimal results. If you need support and maintenance services for your WordPress site(s) AZENCE can help!

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