Smart Veggies in Your Backyard!

For most of us living in cities, it’s getting more and more difficult to buy healthy food.  We all end up buying in fast food restaurants and treat ourselves with their greasy (but delicious) food. Others though, are more conscious with their health – they will just grab an apple or maybe a slice of bread and they are good to go. Well, here’s your chance to change all of these by having smart veggies in your backyard.

In this modern world though, everything revolves around time – work, family and leisure. Apparently, people nowadays are having more time working. We honestly cannot do the simple things we used to enjoy – like gardening. I mean, who would have the time to take care and monitor a plant in their house.

One man thought of mixing up technology and gardening. His name is Javier Morillas, the founder and CEO of NIWA. They invented the world’s first smartphone-controlled plant growing system that enables you to grow the freshest, healthiest food on earth!!! His idea started when he realized that thousands of tons of veggies had to travel so far before getting to the consumers. As a technology lover, he decided to start using technology to make the whole process simple and enable everyone to grow their own food wherever they are.

With all the buzz that NIWA is getting – people are getting curious on how it actually works.

NIWA is a fully connected growing system that lets you grow your own fruit, vegetables, flowers and even herbs by relying on the hydroponics method which makes use of mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. NIWA makes use of a number of sensors and actuators in order to create the perfect environment for your plants to grow healthy. Being connected to the internet, it transmits all the data and you are able to control the temperature, humidity and light cycles. Or, you could let NIWA take care of all that, as it also comes with an automated irrigation system which will water and feed the plants whenever they need it.

NIWA also comes with a fan which ensures that your plants get as much air as they need. Despite of having that technology inside, the system even manages to have an appealing design, which will fit in with your urban lifestyle.

As of now, NIWA comes with a free app which is available on iOS and Android. Its price is $249 on Kickstarter.


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